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What Is a Breach of Contract in Real Estate

What Is a Facility Use Agreement

This Facilities Use Agreement lies between the name of the youth organisation and the name of the user group, hereinafter referred to as the organisation or user. The agreement provides for the insertion of the object of the agreement, the areas to be used, etc., in accordance with the attached schedule for the start and duration of the agreement, to insert the total costs, the tariff by period, etc. CONSIDERING the authorization to use the insertion areas to be used by the Organization for the purposes of the Contract and FOR THE PAYMENT of the above user fees, the User accepts for himself and all his employees, agents, representatives and assigns and declares that he has inspected or will inspect these premises and will carefully evaluate them. It is further guaranteed that the use of the facilities for therapy sessions constitutes an acknowledgement that these premises and all facilities and equipment therein have been inspected and carefully evaluated, and that the user considers and accepts that this is safe and appropriate for use or participation for any purpose. THE USER HAS READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNED THE AGREEMENT ON THE USE OF THE PREMISES AND THE INTEGRATED AGREEMENT OF INDEMNIFICATION AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION, and further agrees that no oral representation, representation or inducement incompatible with the aforementioned written agreement has been made. (a) The user may not violate the laws of the city, county or state in or around the aforementioned premises. (b) The User may not assign this Agreement without the written consent of the Organization. (c) The user must provide certificates of workers` compensation insurance and general liability and automobile insurance in the amount of up to $1,000,000, which will be updated annually and will announce the termination. (d) The User shall designate the Organization as an additional insured in its general liability insurance with annual review and termination (e) insert as many other mutually agreed terms or conditions as necessary (f) This Agreement may be terminated at any time by either party by giving thirty (30) days` written notice to the other party.

(g) This Agreement is the result of joint negotiations and drafting. Nothing in this provision may be construed against any of the parties on the ground that that party has written the language in question. . 2. THE USER HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, DEFEND, STORE AND INDEMNIFY THE RELEASED AND EACH OF THEM FROM ALL LOSSES, LIABILITIES, DAMAGES OR COSTS THAT YOU MAY INCUR AS A RESULT OF THE USER`S OPERATION ON THE PREMISES OF THE ORGANIZATION, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE USE OF THE ORGANIZATION`S EQUIPMENT OR FACILITIES, REGARDLESS OF: IF THIS DAMAGE IS CAUSED BY THE SOLE OR PARTIAL FAULT OF THE PERSONS WHO RELEASE IT. IT IS FURTHER MUTUALLY AGREED between the parties that: Facility User Agreement which includes a release, release of liability and indemnification agreement, Click the button above to download a Word document template that you can edit. IN ADDITION, WITH RESPECT TO PERMISSION TO ENTER THE ORGANIZATION FOR ANY PURPOSE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, EVALUATING OR USING THE FACILITIES OR EQUIPMENT, THE USER HEREBY AGREES: 1. THE USER RELEASES, WAIVES, DISMISSES AND HEREBY AGREES TO RELEASE THE ORGANIZATION, ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS “Indemnification”) FROM ANY Sue the User, its employees, representatives, personal representatives, assignees, heirs and close relatives for loss or damage, as well as any claim or demand of them due to bodily or material injuries or the death of the User. whether caused by the negligence of the Liberators or otherwise, while the User or its employees, customers, agents or representatives are located in, on or through the Premises, including the use of the facilities or equipment therein.

The USER further expressly agrees that the aforementioned indemnification, waiver and indemnification agreement is as broad and complete as permitted by state law to enter an appropriate state name, and that if any part of it is declared invalid, it is agreed that the balance will remain in full force and effect despite everything. . . .

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