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21 Life Rules of the Samurai

A life of self-discipline requires you to pursue what is meaningful and useful, often at the expense of what is pleasant or timely. For Musashi, happiness is not an end in itself worth pursuing. It is ephemeral and simply a by-product of the pursuit of meaning, growth and mastery. As Tokitsu explains, work for us until the age of 65. We will take the best years of your life; we will take your energy; We take all your passion; We take the time you could have spent raising your daughter in exchange for team building activities and seminars on sexual harassment. Your profession is your way. Everything you dedicate to your life. Musashi dedicated his life to war – he lived a good life. He went far, victory for victory, student for student, war for war.

Everything Musashi learned was related to his path. He never deviated from the path. Look after the rain, ame agaru I think his name was, also 7 samurai 🙂 but every work of the director is fascinating, Japanese culture is commendable. Gandhi lived the life of a “poor beggar monk” and, at his death, owned less than ten objects. Similarly, Musashi resisted the overly human propensity for attachment in all its forms – attachment to love, luxury, delights, possessions, resentment, ego, superstition, and even the tools of his craft. As a preface to the 21 rules, let`s look at what Musashi usually means when he refers to “the way.” The concept is complex, but fundamentally it means the way, the path, the doctrine or the principles. Specifically, path is “a term used to refer to the fundamental principle that underlies a system of thought or belief, art, or ability. It is also used in a broader sense to refer to a system of thought or belief in its entirety or the entire corpus of principles and abilities that make up an art. In the latter sense, it is used in Japan as part of the name of a number of traditional skills or codes of conduct,” for example, the way of the warrior (Bushido), the way of the sword (kendo) or even the way of tea (sado). Rule 5| Be detached from desire throughout your life. Musashi traveled all over Japan and competed with opponents.

That was his life, well, most of it. Musashi`s life contained great amounts of suffering, fighting, and fighting. Beyond the duel, Musashi fought in wars between rival samurai clans. It is strange that Musashi fought in these wars – his nature is independent. He may not have had a say. Is it the purpose of your life to integrate as a model with an empty face, dressed in everything someone puts on them? Musashi was a ronin. A ronin is a samurai without a master. Many believe that a ronin is an honorable number. Companies and writers who don`t understand Japanese history make this mistake. Call your company “Spartan,” like a kid who ties a cape to his back and jumps off the living room couch and pretends to be Superman. The spoiled few who ride BMWs, pop Xanax like sunflower seeds at a minor league baseball game, never make a difference in life – they don`t know how to suffer. Here are the 21 rules by which you can live your life after the legendary samurai and artist Miyamoto Musashi.

An elderly man who takes care of his life while looking from his bed in the white wall of the hospital, shitting in a saucepan, crying inside and out. He drank with the gentlemen, raised a few children, married his high school sweetheart, and always showed up for work in time to give the boss a nice pat on the back and get a raise every two years. He never did anything for himself. Man`s dream dies when he does. It`s easy to put fudge in your face like a cartoon dickman whose mouth is kept open with the jaws of life, at the end of an all-consuming candy assembly line. Packaging and everything. Why isn`t my life like this? I`m just not good enough. Most egos are attached to their hearts like a parasite that pierces deeper into the ventricles and lets life flow to each limb. This is a very wise contribution @mastodonte. I love the 21 rules. Will follow your work.

Thank you very much for your work, I will even restore it so I can come back to it later. Without meaning, life has no meaning. All people are free to choose their meaning, but the choice is frightening; more than slavery. Jordan Peterson mentions flow: The Place Between Chaos and Order in his book: 12 Rules for Life: A Counter-Antidote to Chaos. Although these principles may seem simple at first glance, full integration into a way of life and a way of being is the process of a lifetime. Taking on the Herculean task of embodying these principles is a noble undertaking, which is not for sensitive souls. The Ronins were not celebrated. The Ronins were shameful warriors whose master banished them, or their master died, and the samurai, now Ronin, refused to follow their master into the afterlife.

As an alternative to death, samurai could become hermits after adopting the title of ronin. This usually meant that a ronin was voluntarily banished from his village to spend the last days of his life in a mountain village, surrounded by books, pink flowers; without a sword.. .

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